With Benson Green Technologies you receive a comprehensive analysis of your needs and a solution that matches these. This includes a feasibility study, a realistic price estimation, and a design proposal with contact information for design professionals and contractors.


Feasibility Study

During our feasibility study, we first find out what goals you hope to achieve with renewable energy and/or shipping containers. From this we determine if your goals align with our mission statement. During this interview we will establish a budget that realistically covers the project. Next we will conduct off-site research about the property, then an on-site visit that will analyze the property for compatibility with solar panels and shipping containers. These two actions first access the property records and Google Earth images for basic information, then access the property for more specific aspects of the project location, such as setbacks, electrical service connections, and other technical issues. The result of the study is a report that includes general recommendations for moving forward in meeting your goals including a budget estimate with a breakdown of products and services.

Construction Management


If all parties decide to move forward, we will assist you in selecting an architect/engineer, if required. We will provide consultation to the architect/engineer to ensure proper execution of the aspects of the plan in our field of expertise. After proposals are submitted, we will provide review of bids from contractors and installers.

For the feasibility study, including the report, there will be an initial payment of $800 for a gauranteed eight hour of work, after which there is a standard fee of $100/hour.