Solar Cube


Dimensions: 800 sq. ft. interior, 320 sq. ft. of decks

Estimated Completed Cost: $190,000

Designed in association with Michael Miller, Architect

Our client came to us with the goal of living in a self sustaining solar house on Little Torch Key. Our client wanted something affordable that met all of the codes and was resilient to the weather in the Keys. It was also important that our client would be able to secure the house while away for work most of the week.

Using shipping containers allowed for all of our client’s wishes to be met for a third of the price previously proposed for a modular house.

The solar system of the house produces on average of12 kWh a day, meeting all of the energy requirements, including AC. The solar system also provides a secure power outlet allowing our client to survive during power outages.

Our innovative method of insulating the Solar Cube reduces the energy needs while also providing more space in the interior of the house. With this insulation method and cross ventilation, our client will not need air conditioning to live in the house during the cooler months.


Energy Efficient Pod Prototype

By Michael Miller, Architect

Dimensions: 200 sq. ft. interior, 200 sq. ft. of decks

Cost: $75,000 installed

We asked Michael Miller to design a “tiny house” that was sexy. This is the result.

We built a version of the prototype to be used as a self sustaining guest room. The prototype allows for portability by having quick disconnects from the concrete bases that currently elevates the pod above flood level.

The solar system is a 3.0 kW flat array that generates approximately 15 kWh per day, three times the amount it uses to run AC, on-demand water heater, TV, lights, and kitchenette. The design includes sace for batteries in the event the house would go off grid.


Renewable Resource Energy Device


Dimensions: 320 sq. ft.

Cost: $150,000 installed

The Renewable Resource Energy Device was the first known storage container building in the Florida Keys. With the help of Florida Statute 163.04, the shipping container fitted with a 2.5 kW solar system and a 2 kW helix wind turbine became a part of the office space at Benson Green Technologies. This 40 ft. container can also be modified to become a legal dwelling for the above price.


Solar Storage Containers

Art by Garth Holtkamp

Dimensions: 160 sq. ft. x 2

Cost: $15,000 installed per container

The solar system on these two containers includes spare solar panels from our inventory coupled with SolarEdge Power Optimizers connected as a string to a SolarEdge inverter. Each panel generates different voltage levels which would normally hinder an array, however, the Power Optimizers allow for safe and effective power production.

Monroe County law requires all panels be installed above the flood line. The Solar Storage Containers provide a durable structure for a solar array above the flood line while also providing a space for storage of tools, belongings, etc., that will stay safe during hurricanes and floods.